The age of your dog is the first thing you should consider to choose a toy. TheĀ  puppies usually need special toys that contribute to their growth and physical and cognitive development, these are usually soft and not very large. The adult dogs used the toys as a company in their lives that caused them full fun in moments of loneliness and sadness.

It is important that you are aware of the material for which the toy is composed, this will help you to invest in something that is really of good quality and therefore have a prolonged useful life. Some materials can become toxic causing terrible problems in the health of your dog.

The toy should match the skills and preferences of your pet, keep in mind what is most pleasing to him and clearly not going to be harmful.

Types Of Materials In Dog Toys

  • Toys stuffed or plush fabrics are soft and tender, and these two qualities are appropriate for puppies because they help your teeth will not be damaged in their development process.
  • Latex is clearly more resistant than stuffed animal or plush, and like these, is an appropriate option for puppies as it does not cause problems in the health of your pet.
  • Toys made of rubber are suitable for dogs and adults, have a high density so their life is long and it is very complicated for dogs to tear the material, but if they do, they could be in great danger because it is the material more dangerous to the digestive system when it is manufactured with artificial substances. Natural rubber does not cause health risks.
  • Vinyl toys are suitable for large dogs, because they are extremely hard, this is a non-digestible material, but these toys are manufactured in the proper way so that there is no possibility of your pet eating it, so in theory represents danger.